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The right to use the term REALTOR® in the Philippines, pertains exclusively only to members of PAREB

REALTOR® is a service mark registered in the Commission of Patents of the United States of America as Document No. 515199 and in the Philippine Patent Office as Document No. 5385, as property of the National Association of REALTORS® Boards, now known as the National Association of REALTORS® or NAR. NAR has conferred upon PAREB since 1960, the authority to use the REALTOR® term and trademark.

No other real estate broker or service practitioner or real estate organization in the Philippines may use the term REALTOR® other than regular members in good standing of PAREB who subscribe to a Code of Ethics. NAR’s recent victory in defeating the legal challenge to the uniqueness of the REALTOR® trademark is a timely reminder that the terms REALTOR® and REALTORS® aren’t synonymous with generic terms, such as "real estate practitioner" or "real estate agent " or "real estate broker".   *